Simple 3-Step Web Design Process


Designing a website, without developing the content first, is essentially putting the cart before the horse. Every dynamic web design and search engine optimization strategy begins with dynamic content provided by the client and/or developed by one of my skilled content writers in the Atlanta, GA area.

During the Strategic Planning & Consultation Phase you will develop a close working relationship with me, your 1-on-1 personal web design coach. I will help you identify the key features of your website, develop a strategic online marketing plan with relevant call-to-action areas, and determine the proper design layout that maximizes your ability to communicate your message effectively.

Initial Web Design and SEO consultations generally last 1 hour and include an introduction to the web design process, sample layouts, and a firm quote. If you’re in Atlanta, GA we could schedule face to face time at your convenience. Fill out the Pre-Design Survey to ensure I fully understand your job requirements and preferences.



During the Construction Phase, clients are provided a demo link that may be used to follow along in the web design process. Custom photography, if requested, is performed as agreed. Custom designs such as logos, banners, and other graphics are created to specs and submitted for approval.

Our Web Design and SEO services are not limited to Atlanta (or even the U.S.), however, all Atlanta, GA clients have the option of continuous face to face meetings for a small convenience charge.


Once the site is complete, and approved by the client, we will agree to an official launch date for your design. During this stage, your design is tested and re-tested to ensure proper functionality.

Afterwards, clients may take advantage of our ongoing SEO and/or Maintenance Plan(s). You may login to your account to access backups, updates, analytics, and more.


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